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Game Theory Explained

Captions on overlay in theater mode on Radeon 9600 pro - Official ...
Feb 23, 2009 . The problem is that displaying Captions and/or OSD is not working when video is showing on Overlay surface (TV output) in ATI Theater mode (full screen video .

Re: Does ATI Radeon 4850 and 4870 have fullscreen TV output (fullscreen overlay)? - PC Review
ATI cards have the same option and it . Size of Title bar (which includes minimize, fullscreen/not fullscreen, and X), Josh, Windows XP .

Re: Does ATI Radeon 4850 and 4870 have fullscreen TV output ...
I was wondering if this the same for the newer ATI video cards. > > Thank you in advance. . You may not post attachments. You may not edit your . Does TV fullscreen overlay work in GeForce 8 cards? .

What does it take to get full-screen playback? [Archive] - The ...
Feb 18, 2009 . I'm using the ATI 4870/WinXP/Prospect/CS3. I've not had any problems getting full screen overlay with CF projects. . If you can get it working in Media Player Classic, then I would agree, by it is more likely a ATI setup issue as .

A Theory is Born

Video/Movie plays full screen when projected
Jun 7, 2011 . From the PowerPoint FAQ: Video/Movie plays full screen when projected -- The PowerPoint FAQ . Try toggling to External-only; this seems to work on all systems. . This often happens when graphic card of a computer is set to display overlay at a full screen. It's common with Nvidia and ATI based cards.

Video card configuration
Other brands of dual-head video cards may work with OtsAV, however ATI . If you are not using an ATI or Nvidia dual-head video card, we suggest . For Nvidia card owners, this setting is called Full Screen Video, and should be disabled. . Ensure both options within the "Overlay Display Mode" area are set to "standard".

The Nash Equilibrium

"Allow hardware video overlay" option is missing in video settings ...
yet, its not working... i can see video flickering during light-to-dark frames. . The video overlay color/brightness controls in my ATI Catalyst graphic . display causes the same video to play in fullscreen on a secondary display.

Ventrilo - Overlay
Nov 16, 2008 . In fact, the mechanics of overlays work much like the clear plastic analogy. . The problem was detected while playing WoW in full screen mode. . It might also happen on other ATI video cards if they use a common driver subset. . If your game is not listed here then please try the standard trick of matching .

The Prisoner's Dilemma

ATI theater mode not working - Windows 7 Forums
I want a video to automatically play full screen on my tv without having to drag it over there. This used to work on XP but not on Windows 7.

Control video settings in MPC-HC with VMR7 and overlay mixer ...
I am using an ATI Radeon 4870 video card (512 MB). :( Thank you in . I wonder if that is why I never got VLC to work fullscreen when using OpenGL. VLC forum told . Note that overlay is not the paramount of efficiency either.

ATI Catalyst "Theater Mode" in Extended desktop under Windows 7 ...
Is there any way to enable ATI Catalyst "Theater Mode" in Extended . mode will only work in Vista/Win7 with Overlay video mode, not with . Vista auto switches to Basic theme when video plays fullscreen on 2nd display".

ATI Propietary Linux Driver - Xine - Video Overlay - An Endless ...
Jul 28, 2008 . I have to force Xine to close in fullscreen mode with Alt+F4. . This is because OpenGL is not working nicely with Xine yet in my machine.

How to Enable ATI Theater Mode |
How to Uninstall ATI Drivers in Safe Mode; How to Install an ATI Rage . Select " in Theater Mode (full screen)" in the "Select Theater Mode Overlay" setting. 7 .

Real-World Dilemmas

My NVidia TVout problems & Workarounds! - NVIDIA Forums
Mar 2, 2008 . Additionally, I found out that ATI's "Theater Mode" feature can NOT be mimicked by . Getting TV-Out to work (transitioning from ATI to NVidia): . Control Panel to access the 'Video Overlay Settings' and 'Full Screen Video'.

fglrx - Gentoo Linux Wiki
Mar 19, 2012 . Catalyst is the name of the proprietary driver for AMD/ATI based chipsets for Linux and Windows. . after logout with GDM or KDM; 5.2.3 Any 3D app crashes fglrx; 5.2.4 Mplayer in full-screen . Option "VideoOverlay" "on" . . AMD/ATI have however released a working driver, unfortunately not for Gentoo.

Frustration with overlay issues growing stronger [Archive] - The ...
Feb 27, 2009 . So I bought an ATI x1950 card and while it worked, I could not get scrubbing and effects to output . Does it still support full screen overlay?

ATI Linux driver packages for Debian
Important: I do not work for ATI, I'm only packaging their driver as a service to the . Video Overlay # will be disabled automatically Option "OpenGLOverlay" "off" . Full-screen mode is somewhat broken: sometimes you'll end up with a garbled .

Mixing Moves

CATALYST™ Control Center
These release notes provide information on ATI's new CATALYST™ CONTROL CENTER. . Overlay theater mode functions only when clone mode is enabled. . clone mode enabled results in Aspect Ratio option for full screen not working.

Frozenbyte Community • View topic - Trine Mac FAQ / system ...
Jan 28, 2011 . In general it's the Intel graphics chips that won't run the game, ATi and NVIDIA ones should be ok. . make it harder to implement Steam Overlay support in Fullscreen mode. . Mac buttons also do not work in Fullscreen mode.

1.11 : MultiMon Support - requires hard-coding screen coordinates atm. . Added 'query fullscreen' option Added x4 MIX mode Made overlayemboss . file. not cause R4 to halt 1.07 : Fiddled with texture caching to make it WORK (oops.) . glCopyTexImage by DEFAULT (sad i know, but as long as ATI produces shit drivers.


Video overlay on second monitor : Adobe Premiere Pro
With AVID XPRESS PRO, even though the ATI-card is not certified at . standard def resolutions and whatever aspect ratio you are working . you need, basically Premiere handles the full screen video, not the cards software.

SciTech SNAP Graphics for OS/2 ------------------------------ CHANGE ...
They are now supported in fullscreen environments (MGL, native SNAP, wxMGL). . The OpenGL tests in GACtrl were not working in version 3.1.5; fixed. . Added support for hardware video overlays on the ATI Radeon IGP 320M / 340M, .

Download ATI Catalyst 8.11 Display Driver XP 32-bit Driver for ...
Nov 13, 2008 . NET version 2.0 installed, the Catalyst Control Center will not launch . (The “ATI Cross-FireX” logo will be shown on screen when the application is running). . noticed when playing standard definition video while exiting full screen DOS . With Clone Mode and Overlay Theater Mode enabled some video .

Battlefield 3 Tweaks and Fixes
-Note will expose the computer, and the PC will not be protected by the routers . Try to launch the game and join game servers, and it should work. . Disable Origin's overlay (click the gear/cog and go to the "in game" . AMD/ATI 6770m Game Crash with BF3 still running in background . Select full screen .

Information and Incentives

ati - VLC will sometimes have issues displaying video in fullscreen ...
Feb 11, 2011 . VLC will continue to play the video, but in fullscreen mode I see nothing . However, that did not prove to be a consistent workaround. . VLC is configured to use the hardware overlay for video (as per the default setting) . Note with regard to the two monitor setup, that generally seems to be working for me.

Freezing in FullScreen - The KMPlayer's Forums
If it is not in full screen it works perfectly, or if playing avi. . Image +Draw Mode(In use): On Overlay +Text Rendering Method: Rasterizer . Video: ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics DirectX: 9.0c( Memory: . After wrote the previous paragraph I removed the On Screen Display and it is working. Customer Reviews: Diamond ATI Radeon HD 4650 ...
I am still unable to watch Hulu content at full screen, but this is because there are . The drivers issued on the disk are out of date and do not work on XP SP3.

ATI Catalyst Quick Comparison – 8.12 vs 9.1
This release of ATI Catalyst™ provides full OpenGL™ 3.0 extension support. . “ Move to Monitor” option does not work for some Open GL application . Catalyst Control Center: some screen corruption may be noticed after . Video may not fill secondary display when playing back HD 1080i content with Overlay Theater .

Aligning Interests, Avoiding Enrons

Troubleshooting -
Upgrade your BIOS if you get random flicker lines and black screen with a 690G chip. . driver and whenever the "sudo aticonfig --overlay-type=Xv" command or the . This solution not work on acer laptop with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2400 XT. . This behaviour will cause the cards' fans to function on full blast continuously.

EnableGPUAcceleration (Silverlight Plug-in Object)
The GPU acceleration feature does not work in windowless mode. However, GPU acceleration does work in full-screen mode. Several full-screen video .

Download ATI Catalyst Display Driver 9.4 for Vista/Win7 x64 Driver ...
Apr 9, 2009 . Not the right driver? . Resolutions above 10 x 7 will now full screen properly for specific . Overlay Theatre Mode display no longer corrupt after enabling 3D screen saver . Rotation may not work if Aero mode is turned off .

From Intuition to Prediction

Monitor - Adobe Premiere Pro
Not perfect but it does work. This work-around took me hours to discover, but it is the only way I could get video-overlay full-screen on the 2nd monitor, WITHOUT .

For 6 screens where 1 screen can run full screen DVD video: . with single graphics cards from Intel, ATI, Nvidia and Via, including NVidia SLI . on DisplayLink screens. vic can be configured to use overlays and will not work on DisplayLink .

#646 (No video on second monitor) – Media Player Classic - Home ...
DSC00208.JPG (233.4 KB) - added by solomax 18 months ago. full screen on second monitor . It doesn't happen with VMR-7 (renderless) and Overlay Mixer. If I use EVR (Vista / . . Does DXVA work with that renderer on Windows XP? . ( but still not started to play), MPC is freezed at 100% of one cpu core. If I wait till video .

General interest:

Control video settings in MPC-HC with VMR7 and overlay mixer ...
I am using an ATI Radeon 4870 video card (512 MB). Thank you in advance. . And AFAIK, neither VMR-9 nor EVR require fullscreen mode. P.S.: As a last . If that doesn't work, the program needs a bugfix. Can you describe . Note that overlay is not the paramount of efficiency either. The videocard has to .

News - Fraps Updates & Changelog
Fraps 3.3.3 - 15th Mar 2011 - Fixed mouse not responding in Ragnarok and some . over frames in IE9 beta - Fixed stereoscopic capture not working in half- size mode . fixes Fraps 3.3.0 - 22nd Feb 2011 - Full support for Windows 7 SP1 - Added . Fraps 3.2.1 - 29th Mar 2010 - Fixed screen capture of large resolutions ( ATI .

Elementary textbook:

FAQ - Display issues
If you have an ATi video card, this is caused by the driver trying to accelerate WMV . There you should see options called "Use overlays" and "Use high quality mode". . If you are able to videos at their normal resolution, but not in full screen, .

Advanced textbooks:

Application video mirroring to Full Screen Video on projector ...
All I want is to have small video playing on my primary work screen and . It turns out that Vista and Win7 with the Aero overlay does not allow it. . card it did not have the full screen option, so I returned it, and bought a ATI .

PHSS_34391 Release Notes
( SR: 8606425692 CR: JAGaf85200 ) Full-screen crosshair Cursor (aka. . of HP VISUALIZE FX2/FX4/FX6 graphics devices do not work properly when . the ATI FireGL X1/T2/X3 graphics devices do not support a TrueColor overlay visual.

Business applications:

Trine for Mac help thread / FAQ #2 - Steam Users' Forums
In general it's the Intel graphics chips that won't run the game, ATi and NVIDIA ones should be ok. . make it harder to implement Steam Overlay support in Fullscreen mode. . Mac buttons also do not work in Fullscreen mode.

How does multiplayer work? How do I make and . UI: Alt+Enter now toggles fullscreen/windowed. - UI: added . Fix: added error-checking for some ATI video cards. 1.71, March 29 . Performance: faster sniper overlay rendering. - Fix: fixed . Gameplay: fixed issue with Level-4 "Concede" button not appearing. - Gameplay: .

Political science applications:

Burned by ATI Theater Mode bugs - Graphics-Cards - Graphic-Displays
That is TWO settings that say "FULL SCREEN". Not that ATI would care. Of course, after all this work, ATI assumes all monitors are 4:3 aspect .

dtp entertainment Forum • Thema anzeigen - Ghost Pirates - Game ...
Basically, the game's config file is set for full screen but when the game starts it is . Card name: ATI Radeon HD 5800 Series . D3D9 Overlay: Not Supported . GPU scaling is already set to scale to full panel size but it just isn't working for .

Applications to law:

. go full screen mode or click Close button in Full screen mode Black overlay when . Function is not Working in the main control panel Intel Clarkdale System can . performance based on new proprietary interface provided by Intel and ATI.


ATI Technologies Inc. Display adapter device drivers from ATI ...
571 - 600 ATI Technologies Inc. drivers : ATI Catalyst Video Driver 9.3 for Vista 64-bit . option enabled Rotation now works if Aero mode is turned off Resolved . FJ online game no longer changes resolution slowly in full screen mode with some . not fill secondary display when playing back HD 1080i content with Overlay .

Classic books about game theory:

Bug #197639 “[fglrx] xv output not available for video playback ...
Mar 2, 2008 . The xv output is not working for video playback. . I confirm this with ATI mobility radeon x300, any video output while using fglrx is extremely slow and indirect. . Using "TexturedVideo" "on" same as VideoOverlay, but the video appears . I can play video with compiz and without flashing if I use fullscreen (if .

Best Laptop for Resolume ? [Archive] - VJForums
The hardrive is important but not necessarilly the most important part . Many months of testing various cards trying to figure which one will work best with resolume. Only Matrox and ATI drivers support the overlay settings to output your . output to 640x480 (near full res) you have to use the Dual Screen .

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