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Game Theory Explained

"Standard Operating Procedure for the Sampling of Fish in ...
The following is a list of equipment and supplies necessary to perform electrofishing: 4.0.1 Battery or gas powered portable backpack shocking unit with safety .

The following is a list of equipment and supplies necessary to perform electrofishing: 4.0.1 Battery or gas powered portable backpack shocking unit with safety .

Electro-Fishing | Equipment | New England Wadeable Streams ...
The following is a list of equipment needed to perform electro-fishing: Battery or gas powered portable backpack shocking unit with safety kill switch, anode ring, .

GFT Electro Fishing Equipment, Counter, Barries, Tox Alert
Electro-fishing equipment, electrical barriers and a fish counter are among the . for census and survey; An electro-anaesthetic unit for eel monitoring and survey . The Safari Research 550-E is a battery powered portable back-pack electric .

A Theory is Born

Portable Floating Electrofishing Unit for Fish Collections in ...
Jan 8, 2011 . Portable Floating Electrofishing Unit for Fish Collections in . Collected fish were kept on shore in buckets with battery powered aerators.

Electro-Fishing Unit - Model 2000 Boat Mounted Electro-Fisher - Model 2020 . The Model 2000 is completely portable and comes with an aluminum field . electro-fishing unit that features a 2500 watt, 300 volt battery-operated power source.

summer project poster template_4.pptx
To measure stream temperature, we used a portable DO 200 water quality meter . and out of the sampled pools, then used a battery powered electrofishing unit .

Efficiency of point abundance sampling by electro-fishing modified ...
All experiments were carried out with a portable battery- powered electro-fishing unit DEKA 3000 (pulsed DC, DEKA. Gera¨tebau, Marsberg, Germany) equipped .

The Nash Equilibrium

Electrofishing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Backpack electrofisher generators are either battery or gas powered. . models, such as audible speakers that sound when the unit is operating, tilt-switches that .

Silver King Paiute Cutthroat Trout Restoration Project - FINAL EIS ...
Pump water out of residual pools with portable pumps. Fisheries . either constant shuttling of batteries in and out of the wilderness area or an on-site charging station. . Gasoline-powered electrofishing units and the use of a generator as a .

The Prisoner's Dilemma

Habitat Selection and Spatiotemporal Patterns of Movement in a ...
crew and a portable surgery table which greatly simplified the field implantation of radio transmitters. . Two battery powered backpack electrofishing units (LR- 24, Smith Root, Inc., Vancouver, WA) were used for sampling. Sampling consisted .

Boat Electrofishing Standard Operating Procedure
Boat Electrofishing Standard Operating Procedure . Q beam high powered portable spotlight. ? Snakelights and batteries . Adjust Percentage of Range control unit until the Output Current gauge reads approximately 4 amps or at a point .

the SVQ Level II unit Catch Fish using Electrofishing Techniques. . comprises both a portable generator (either batteries or engine) and a control box. Two . smaller effective fishing range, two bankside-powered anodes should be used.

Electrofishing Boats | Electrofishers | Smith-Root
PES Portable Electroanesthesia System · EA-1000B Electroanesthesia System . Smith-Root is the leading manufacturer of electrofishing and fish guidance . 9.0 GPP Electrofisher; Powered by Coast Guard and EPA approved Kohler generator . Electrofishing Boats · Power Standardization System · Electrofisher Batteries .

Page 13
Backpack electrofishing units consist of electrofishing devices mounted on backpack . is either a 24-volt deep cycle battery or a 115-volt gasoline-powered generator. . Towed electrofishing gear consists of a portable generator and electrical .

Real-World Dilemmas

SECTION G2 PROCEDURES FOR FISH SAMPLING, ELECTROFISHING SAFET' |", . gasoline powered generator or battery. to submerged electrodes. . Backpack eiectro?shing units are small portable devices carried on the back of one .

0+ fish assemblages in a sector of the Rhôcne river influenced by ...
Young of the year fish were sampled using a light, battery-powered, portable electrofishing unit (Martin. Pecheur 11) modified and adjusted to increase its .

Suitability indices for juvenile 0+ roach [rutilus rutilus (l.)] using point ...
At each site, a number of random point samples were taken using a portable, battery-powered electrofishing unit, which sampled fish within an area of .

Quantitative sampling of freshwater shrimps : comparison of two ...
Abstract: Two electrofishing procedures (point abundance sampling and removal . battery-powered portable electric fishing gear (,Martin Pêcheur II', see . the Freshwater and River Ecology Research Unit (ESA CNRS N" 5023, Univ. Lyon I) .

Mixing Moves

Fisheries Safety Handbook
Research Unit) and R. Hansen (New Mexico Dept. of Game and Fish, Fisheries . Boating Safety, Electrofishing Safety, Underwater and Diving Safety, . Because AEDs are compact, portable, and battery-operated, it is possible to store .

Appendix 1. Draft Candidate Conservation Agreement with ...
accepted electrofishing practices and the development of guidelines for acceptable equipment type and use. . C. Portable Drift Electrofishing. This type of . When battery-powered units are used, a gel-cell leak-proof battery should be used .

Evaluation of a Backpack Electrofishing Unit for ... - Tandfonline
Jan 8, 2011. the effectiveness of a portable, backpack electrofishing unit, used from a . used and are typically powered with a 350-W generator or battery.


Permittee is required to furnish his or her own electrofishing or other collection gear. 9. . C. Portable Drift Electrofishing . When battery-powered units are used, a gel-cell leak-proof battery should be used to minimize acid burn possibilities.

Multiple electrofishing as a mitigate tool for removing nonnative ...
nonnative individuals by multiple electrofishing carried out by fishery managers in . using the same battery-powered, portable, backpack elec- troshocker ( Martin . significant units: the influence of local management and environmental .

Temperature influence on the fish assemblage structure in a large ...
To sample 0+ ?sh in the main channel, a battery- powered DEKA 3000 portable electro?shing unit (pulsed DC, 600 V, DEKA Gera¨tebau, Marsberg, Germany) .

Electrofishing Guidelines, June, 1999
All wet cell batteries must be encased in a non-conductive, acid proof case which is . Generator powered electro?shing units must meet standards of commercial ly . All portable hand-held electrodes must be equipped with a low voltage, .

Information and Incentives

LR-24 Electrofisher | Electrofishers | Smith-Root
PES Portable Electroanesthesia System · EA-1000B Electroanesthesia . Powered by 24V replaceable batteries; 400W continuous, 39600W peak . This is very useful when electrofishing in a new area and you're not sure what settings to use. . current or over-temperature will shutdown the unit before damage can occur.

Electric Seine as a Fish-Sampling Gear in Streams
scribed a boat electrofishing unit that fishing with electricity . It is powered by a portable, 120-V, AC generator . ter two passes, the battery was replaced with a .

Battery charger (if needed for electrofishing unit). 1. Toolbox with basic . Portable freezer, cooler with dry ice, or cooler with bags of ice to store frozen samples .

Download the Electrofishing Systems Teaching Module
In the U.S., generator and battery backpacks can have similar average power . 400 W); Battery-powered: quiet; Generator-powered: in high conductivities, due to the . Portability allows access . e.g., ETS units have replaceable circuit boards.

Aligning Interests, Avoiding Enrons

Further, vehicles must be operated legally and in a manner which does not detract . weather gear, compass, spot lights, batteries, first aid kit, boat . familiar with the safe use of electrofishing gear being operated and with . batteries that are the correct voltage for the unit being used. . Radio or portable phone v. Axe vi.

241 FW 6, Electrofishing, Fish and Wildlife Service Manual, U.S. Fish ...
Apr 30, 2010 . When using direct current, the electrofishing unit contains an anode . Two general categories of electrofishing units are (1) watercraft (boat/raft) and (2) portable. . You must direct the exhaust from gasoline powered engines away from . (1) You must use gel-type batteries that will not leak when tipped or .

DC-Electrofisher, Type JK 300/600, Operation Manual
Low power consumption, battery operated, transportable. Usually a . DO NOT USE THE UNITS FOR OTHER PURPOSES THAN ELECTROFISHING IN THE .

From Intuition to Prediction

Oct 1, 2007 . The effectiveness of a portable, backpack electrofishing unit, was . used and are typically powered with a 350-W generator or battery.

Apparatus and Methods for Electrofishing - Patent application
Nov 24, 2011 . The improved electrofishing apparatus incorporates a control . electrofishing pulsator and a mobile electrofishing control unit; . methods for electrofishing in general, and for a modified portable ("backpack") electrofisher in particular. . source of 12-24 volts DC (usually powered by lead-acid batteries); .

SM 445-2-H Chapter 42 - Electrofishing Safety
Oct 21, 2009 . All USGS personnel serving as electrofishing Team Leaders will demonstrate . All persons must be aware of the hazards involved in using portable . An acid proof, nonmetallic enclosure and holder will be provided for wet cell batteries. . ( b) When the boat is operated at night, adequate onboard lighting .

General interest:

5 Freshwater fish (PC Gehrke, SB Hartley and JX Tyndall ...
An on-board petrol-powered 2.5 kW generator produces an electric current that is transferred . The electrofishing unit was generally operated at . provided from batteries is transferred into the water as a pulsed DC waveform, via a. 400 W Smith-Root Model 12 back-pack electrofisher that, along with portable electrodes, is .

AN ABSTRACT OF THE THESIS OF - ScholarsArchive at Oregon ...
to ease the burden of hauling batteries into remote stream locations. Lastly, thanks to . the 2003 electrofishing survey subsequent tick marks are portable antenna . Descriptive statistics for mainstem and tributary channel-unit lengths . antennas resembled backpack electrofishing anodes and were operated by a single .

Elementary textbook:

Because fishes and amphibians are collected using portable electrofishing units, . Do not make any modifications to the electrofishing unit that would hinder . Gasoline or battery-powered backpack electrofishing unit with netted anode .

Advanced textbooks:

ALL BFS BOATS WILL BE OPERATED ACCORDING TO RULES AND. REGULATIONS OF . be equipped with a permanent or portable yellow flashing (revolving) warning light . ALL ELECTROFISHING BOATS AND STREAM ELECTROFISHING UNITS . OR LEAVING A STREAM, and the battery disconnected .

Movement of Resident Rainbow Trout Transplanted below a Barrier ...
Mar 6, 2012 . and stationary and portable antenna systems for detecting fish tagged with . unit , which resembled a battery-powered backpack electrofisher, .

Business applications:

In-Water Electroshock Techniques to Repel Aquatic Mammals and ...
present, thereby conserving electrical energy and allowing battery operation. . electrofishing techniques and concepts (Snyder 1992). . gradient is the voltage measured between opposite surfaces of the cube and has the units of Vlcm. . the battery capacity of a portable system may be exceeded because of the high .

Page 1 of 18 A Preliminary Study of the Selenium Levels Found in ...
Model 2000 portable flow meter. Stream width . A Smith-Root™ battery- powered backpack electro-fishing unit was used to conduct a triple pass depletion.

Political science applications:

Application of electricity to freshwater fishery management and ...
The solid-state 'Cybertronic' unit weighs 7 lbs and is powered by an accumulator . The units selected were standard portable petrol engine-driven a.c. . The electrodes employed with the d.c. electro-fishing unit consist, in the case of the . The method employed in operating a d.c. unit is to place the unit and battery on the .

was sporadic, using a backpack electrofishing unit, . one person, a lightweight, battery-powered back- . were measured with a portable YSI Inc. meter fol- .

Applications to law:

Fish Species Distribution in Relation to Water Quality Gradients in ...
shed as an experimental unit has not been fully exploited to examine acidification effects on . Streams were sampled quantitatively by electrofishing (Portable battery operated and gasoline D.C. generators were employed.) 30 m. sections at .


Electric fish shocking devices using programmable output ...
An electrofishing method and apparatus employs programmable hardware to generate . Know and Need to Know, Alaska Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit, Mar. . However, the powersupply may be a local generator, a direct current (DC) battery, . The power inverter 24 is used to generate a high power output.

Classic books about game theory:

GPP 2.5, 5.0, 7.5 & 9.0 Portable Electrofishers
Choosing.a.Location...........................................................2. Attaching.Battery.Leads.. ................................................... . Electrofishing Reference & Training Materials....... .........27. APPENDIX: . Smith-Root Generator Powered Pulsator (GPP) ., immediately file .

Bonneville Cutthroat Trout Restoration Project
internet or by sending a request to the address on the back cover. . Park purchase two backpack electrofishing units, nets, a portable fish tank, and other supplies . Powered Backpack Electrofisher to perform 100 m (109 yd) three- pass .

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