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Hyponatremia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lack of sodium is virtually never the cause of hyponatremia, although it can promote . Symptoms of hyponatremia include nausea and vomiting, headache, .

Low Sodium Symptoms | LIVESTRONG.COM
Nov 18, 2009 . The lack of sodium in the body is a very serious condition and medical attention should be sought immediately if any symptoms arise.

Hyponatremia Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment on ...
What are the symptoms of hyponatremia (low blood sodium)? . weight is lost from sweat (water and salt) and then ingest fluid equal to 150% of the weight loss , .

Salt deficiency - definition of Salt deficiency in the Medical dictionary ...
Maintenance of a low salt diet for many months or excessive sweat loss during a race . Symptoms of moderate hyponatremia include tiredness, disorientation, .

Too little salt can be bad for you, too | Mail Online
May 15, 2007 . I have been diagnosed with hyponatremia, a lack of sodium. . levels in the body and this relieves the symptoms of arthritis and other ailments.

A Theory is Born - Salt Imbalance: Symptoms & Signs (Sodium ...
Sep 9, 2002 . Common signs and symptoms of salt imbalance include: muscle cramps, . large amounts of urine; nausea · depression; lack of coordination .

Signs & Symptoms of Low Sodium Levels in the Blood |
The condition of having low sodium levels in the blood is known as hyponatremia . Hyponatremia has several signs and symptoms related to nerve and muscle .

Low blood sodium in older adults: A concern? -
For older adults, low blood sodium (hyponatremia) can be fatal if left untreated. . Signs and symptoms of hyponatremia may include: Drowsiness or fatigue; Nausea; Headache; Confusion; Restlessness; Loss of consciousness or coma .

BBC - Health: Salt
Why our bodies need salt and how much we should consume. . Symptoms of increased salt intake include nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea and . High concentrations of sodium in the body can also result from excessive water or fluid loss.

The Nash Equilibrium

Low Sodium - Symptoms, Causes, Treatments - Better Medicine
May 2, 2011 . Low Sodium Information Including Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, . Low sodium, medically known as hyponatremia, is a lack of balance .

Low sodium - Symptom Checker - check medical symptoms at ...
List of 43 causes of Low sodium, alternative diagnoses, rare causes, . matches); AND Musculoskeletal symptoms (21 matches); AND Weight loss (20 matches) .

The Prisoner's Dilemma

Sodium imbalance, Information about Sodium imbalance
Sep 13, 2011 . While these conditions alone aren't likely to cause loss salt levels,it can occur . Symptoms of high sodium levels can include confusion, coma, .

Hyponatremia, Low Sodium - Cancer Symptoms, Chemotherapy ...
What are symptoms and causes of low sodium? What drugs may be prescribed . Certain conditions may cause a lack of sodium in the blood. Specific causes of .

Are you getting enough salt in your diet?
Jan 6, 2005 . For the average person, a moderate daily intake of salt is not harmful. . Furthermore, hyponatraemia often goes undiagnosed because symptoms are so . sodium, it's a lack of balance between sodium and potassium levels.

Salt Deficiency: the cause of many diseases: Crystal Salt Therapy
When organic, unrefined salt lack in your diet weakness and sickness follows. . effects of inhaled salt provide relief from respiratory symptoms (c). Thus, 2000 .

Most common cause of muscle cramps: lack of salt - Wellsphere
Aug 26, 2008 . The most common cause of muscle cramps in exercisers is lack of salt, . who cramp losing more salt during a race than peers who did not cramp. . Cough Pinched Nerve Neck Symptoms Burning Sensation During Urination .

Real-World Dilemmas

How to Identify Symptoms of Sodium Imbalance |
Lack of proper sodium balance may cause high blood pressure, cramps, mental . One of the major symptoms of a sodium imbalance is a sense of confusion. 2 .

Hyponatremia (Low Blood Sodium Level) - Symptoms, Diagnosis ...
Mar 13, 2012 . Complete information about Hyponatremia (Low Blood Sodium Level), . risk factors; signs and symptoms; diagnosis and tests; treatment and prevention; . Disease Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Urethritis Hair Loss Myasthenia .

Common Low Sodium Symptoms - Life123
Low sodium symptoms mustn't be ignored. Learn to . Thus, if you have low sodium, you may also experience some confusion and memory loss. If you have low .

Signs Of Salt Deficiency | LIVESTRONG.COM
Mar 14, 2011 . Signs Of Salt Deficiency. Although too much sodium in the diet can result in harmful symptoms such as high blood pressure, too little sodium in .

Health Salt Imbalance Symptoms | LIVESTRONG.COM
Sep 28, 2010 . Health Salt Imbalance Symptoms. A salt imbalance, or hyponatremia, can arise due to excessive exercise, hot weather or lack of salt in the diet.

Mixing Moves

Sodium Deficiency in Dogs | petMD
Common Searches: Ask a Vet | Symptom Checker | Vet Dictionary . As a component of the extracellular fluid (fluids outside of the cells), sodium is the most . Most solute loss occurs in iso-osmotic solutions (e.g., vomit and diarrhea), and as a .

Dehydration: Causes, Symptoms, Health Dangers, Treatment
The early signs and health effects of dehydration vary according to whether the patient is dehydrating due to water loss with some accompanying loss of sodium, .

Sodium Chloride | Eating Well
Sodium chloride—also known as salt—is necessary to help your body maintain . have kidney problems or other medical conditions that result in loss of sodium. . Symptoms of this condition are similar to the above but can advance into more .


What Are the Signs of Sodium Deficiencies?
These are very serious symptoms and it is important to take steps to avoid suffering from a lack of sodium. If you believe that you are suffering from a sodium .

Addison's Disease - National Adrenal Diseases Foundation
What are the symptoms of Addison's Disease? How is Addison's Disease . Because of salt loss, a craving for salty foods is common. Finally, the increase in .

Withdrawal Symptoms, Cravings, Etc.
Oct 2, 2011 . Lack of minerals, particularly good salt, can increase cravings and withdrawal symptoms. It can be added to foods while cooking or after they .

Symptoms of Low Sodium Levels Include Fatigue and Confusion ...
Aug 15, 2009 . Symptoms of low sodium levels are often mistaken as simple fatigue at first, until the seizures begin and the person lapses into a coma.

Information and Incentives

Hyponatremia - Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment of Hyponatremia ...
May 29, 2011 . Brain swelling causes most of the symptoms of hyponatremia. In hyponatremia, the imbalance of water to salt is caused by one of three .

What Are Magnesium Deficiency Symptoms?
The most common magnesium deficiency symptoms are aches and pains, leg . When there is a lack of magnesium in the body, the central nervous system is . The symptoms of magnesium deficiency also include an unusual craving for salt .

What Are Magnesium Deficiency Symptoms?
The most common magnesium deficiency symptoms are aches and pains, leg . When there is a lack of magnesium in the body, the central nervous system is . The symptoms of magnesium deficiency also include an unusual craving for salt .

Hyponatremia - Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment of Hyponatremia ...
May 29, 2011 . Brain swelling causes most of the symptoms of hyponatremia. In hyponatremia, the imbalance of water to salt is caused by one of three .

Aligning Interests, Avoiding Enrons

Travel Health Zone - The effects of Dehydration & Salt Loss
Travel health for travellers, The effects of Dehydration & Salt Loss. . a few hours you will begin to experience the symptoms of dehydration as detailed below.

Hypothyroidism - Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Diagnosis ...
Since salt manufacturers now add iodine to salt, this form of hypothyroidism is . Symptoms include loss of consciousness, seizures, slowed breathing, and lack .

Adrenal Exhaustion and Adrenal Fatigue
If you have symptoms such as tiredness, fearfulness, allergies, frequent influenza , . to balancing fluid and salt levels and controlling minerals (such as potassium) , rapid . Difficulty getting out of bed, lack of energy which returns from 3-5 PM .

From Intuition to Prediction

Lack of Potassium: Symptoms
Oct 5, 2011 . The following article on symptoms of lack of potassium in the body will . body in association with calcium, sodium, magnesium and chloride.

Salt | Better Health Channel
Mar 26, 2012 . Excessive sodium loss is very rare, but low sodium levels in the body can . A major symptom is thirst and treatment usually involves controlled .

Definitions & Explanations Of Health Problems | Diet, Injuries ...
But often a person with this symptom is lacking the minerals they need to support their hormones, especially electrolytes like sodium, potassium, magnesium, .

General interest:

Sea Salt and Thyroid Problems? - Dr. Weil
Jun 28, 2011 . Use of sea salt or lack of iodine does not cause elevated TSH. Signs of iodine deficiency frequently include an enlarged thyroid gland (goiter), .

Can lack of sleep cause vertigo
Fatigue, lack of sleep and stress are known to precipitate vertigo in those . High salt intake may therefore retain more fluid and this may precipitate symptoms. . Apart from no added salt, avoid such things as pretzels, potato chips, salted nuts, .

Elementary textbook:

Hort-Pro - Salt Tolerant Plants
less winter-hardy plants injured more severely;. salt spray penetrates only a short distance into dense plants;. plants in sheltered locations lack injury symptoms.

Advanced textbooks:

Symptoms Of Allergy To Salt: Natural Remedies For Allergic Reactions
Mar 17, 2011 . Salt allergy symptoms are hives, itching, tingling on lips and tongue, . Salt is vital for the survival of humans, lack of salt (sodium chloride) will .

Lack Of Sodium & Potassium And Dizziness | LIVESTRONG.COM
Aug 18, 2011 . In addition to dizziness and an altered mental state, you may experience some additional symptoms related to potassium and sodium loss.

Business applications:

Cell Salts - Homeopathy for Health
Use the Cell Salt that matches your symptoms. Any health ailments can benefit . Mental symptoms include worry and lack of judgment. The 3 Sodium Cell Salts .

Symptoms of dehydration
The more salt the body loses, the more quickly it dehydrates. It is the loss of salt that causes the symptoms of dehydration. When salt in addition to water is lost, .

Political science applications:

3-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase deficiency - Genetics Home ...
People with 3?-HSD deficiency lack many of the hormones that are made in . have the mildest symptoms out of all the types and do not experience salt wasting .

Tissue Salts
The first physical signs of a lack of tissue salts appear in the face, long before we experience it in the body. By analyzing the face and supplementing with the .

Applications to law:

The facts about Sodium :: Provided by
It is rarely caused by lack of sodium in the diet. back to top ^. What is sodium toxicity? Signs of sodium toxicity include swelling in the extremities and high blood .


Vitamin B1 - Thiamin
It takes only three weeks of a total dietary lack of thiamin to see the first signs of . Vitamin B1 phosphoric acid ester salt is a special form of Vitamin B1.

Classic books about game theory:

What Causes Water & Salt Retention & Loss? |
Jun 13, 2010 . Types of water and salt excess and deficiency caused by water loss, . Current Health Articles on Symptoms, Diseases and Treatment .

Hyponatremia – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment And Prevention ...
In association with this, it is important that you also note the various symptoms that may indicate the lack of sodium in your system. Here are some of the .

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